Looking for general snark and banter about the journalism industry? Look no further! SIBF is here to help!

So what is this thing?

If there’s anything journalists like to do, it’s listen to everything and then write it down. We’re not so much turning the tables as lending our (loud, obnoxious, definitely annoying) voices to the melee that is the Internet. We like to think of ourselves as not just commenters on the news, but commenters on the people doing the commentary on the news.

We write about anything (hopefully almost everything) the journalism world is covering. Want to read our evolving opinions? Stay tuned.

Who do I send the hate mail to?

This blog is curated by an aspiring college journo (S) with way too much time on her hands. She obsessively reads Poynter and Nieman Reports and has a stalker-ish girl crush on ProPublica and the idea of journalism as a public service. Don’t be fooled by the snark — she’s a soft and fuzzy idealist on the inside.

Got actual hate mail? Email at storiesivebeentold@gmail.com for your daily dose of hate-spewing. If you want to send nice things (yay!), note: we like tea.

Anywhere else I can find you?

S is a daylight cynic and also runs this Tumblr blog. Think lots of GIFs + the worst marriage counselor you’ve ever met in your life.


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